How Does Krampus Travel?

How does Krampus travel? By sleigh, of course! But how does he get around when he’s not using his sleigh? We did some research and found out that Krampus often uses a magical form of transportation.

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By foot

Krampus is said to travel by foot, often appearing suddenly and unexpectedly. He is said to be able to cover great distances in a short amount of time, making him difficult to escape. Some say that he also has the ability to Fly.

By horse

Krampus, the holiday figure who punishes naughty children, is said to travel by horse. According to legend, he arrives on the night of December 5th, roaming the streets in search of kids who have misbehaved. He then drags them back to his lair, where they will be punished.

By carriage

Krampus travels by carriage, but he is also said to be able to fly. Some say that he has a pair of large, black wings that he uses to fly around the world, visiting all the naughty children in one night.

By sleigh

Though some say that he simply appears in the village where he is needed, most believe that Krampus travels by sleigh. He is said to keep a list of children who have been naughty, and leave coal and sticks in their stockings as punishment. He is also said to abduct especially naughty children in his sack and take them away to his lair.

By boat

Krampus travels by boat to reach the places he needs to go. He is able to travel great distances by boat, and he can also travel through time and space. Krampus has a special boat that is said to be made out of human bones. This boat helps him to get around quickly and efficiently.

By airplane

Krampus travels by airplane to reach his destination. He flies in a large sleigh that is pulled by reindeer.

By train

Krampus is known for his many methods of travel, but his primary mode of transportation is via train. Krampus has his own personal train car that he uses to transport himself and his holiday helpers around the world. The train car is outfitted with all the amenities needed to make sure that Krampus and his helpers are comfortable on their journey. In addition to the train car, Krampus also has a sleigh that he uses when traveling in more rural areas.

By bike

Most people believe that Krampus travels by foot, but some say he has been known to travel by bike. Krampus is said to have a large sack that he uses to carry naughty children back to his lair. He is also said to have a long tongue that he uses to lick the feet of naughty children.

By car

Krampus is said to travel with Saint Nicholas by car. It is said that he drives a carriage or sleigh drawn by six black goats.

By bus

Krampus is a mythical creature who is said to visit homes around Christmastime in order to punish children who have been naughty. Though there are many different versions of the legend, Krampus is typically said to travel by bus in order to reach the homes of naughty children.

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