How Does Hillary Clinton Travel?

Hillary Clinton is known to travel with a large entourage, but how does she actually get around? We take a look at her past travel habits and how she gets from place to place.

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Hillary Clinton is known for her love of travel, but how does she get around? Mrs. Clinton generally travels by either a private plane or a charter flight. For shorter trips, she often uses a private plane owned by Bill Clinton’s company, but for longer trips or international travel, she usually flies on a chartered plane. On occasion, Mrs. Clinton has also been known to take commercial flights if her schedule permits.

Early Life and Education

Hillary Clinton was born in Chicago, Illinois on October 26, 1947. She grew up in Park Ridge, a suburb of Chicago, and attended Maine East High School. She then went on to attend Wellesley College, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in political science. After graduating from Wellesley, she attended Yale Law School, where she earned a Juris Doctor (JD) degree.

Political Career

Since Hillary Clinton was first elected to the Senate in 2001, she has flown over 1.6 million miles on government-funded trips, according to a Politico analysis of Congressional records. That’s the equivalent of flying around the world 64 times.

Clinton’s travel patterns changed after she became Secretary of State in 2009. For example, she took more trips abroad and spent more time in the air than she did as a senator. AsSecretary of State, Clinton flew over 3 million miles on government aircraft, averaging about 10 hours in the air per week.

Politico notes that Clinton is not the only politician who racks up frequent flyer miles: her husband, former President Bill Clinton, has flown over 5 million miles on government aircraft since 2001.

2008 Presidential Campaign

In 2008, Hillary Clinton was the front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination. Her chief rival was Barack Obama, who eventually won the nomination and went on to win the presidency.

Clinton was criticized for her use of a private jet during her campaign. She also came under fire for her use of a lavish private residence in New York City, which she rented from a lobbyist with ties to the mortgage industry.

Clinton defended her use of private travel, saying that it was necessary in order to get around the country and meet with voters. She also argued that her experience made her better prepared to be president.

Clinton ultimately lost the nomination to Obama, but she remained an active member of the Democratic Party and a potential candidate for president in 2016.

2012 Presidential Campaign

In the 2012 presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton traveled mostly by plane. She occasionally took a bus or train, but her main mode of transportation was a private jet. This allowed her to campaign in multiple states in a day and meet with supporters and donors in different parts of the country. Clinton also used this time to prepare for debates and interviews.

2016 Presidential Campaign

As the 2016 presidential campaign enters its final stages, both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are campaigning hard to secure the votes they need to win. One way they’re doing this is by traveling around the country to hold rallies and meet with voters. But how does Hillary Clinton travel?

Clinton usually travels on a plane called “Hill Force One.” This plane is a Boeing 737-800 that has been modified specifically for her campaign. It has space for media members to work, as well as plenty of room for Clinton and her staff to travel comfortably.

Clinton also has a helicopter that she sometimes uses for travel. This helicopter, called “Hillcopter,” is used when Clinton needs to make a quick travel from one event to another. It’s also been used for campaign commercials and other promotional materials.

Hillary Clinton’s Travels

Hillary Clinton is known for her many travels, but how does she get around? Let’s take a look at how Hillary Clinton travels.

Clinton predominantly uses a C-32A, which is a military version of the 757-200 plane for her overseas travel. The C-32A has 43 seats and can fly up to 12 hours without refueling. This plane is typically used by members of the Cabinet and senior military officials.

For shorter trips, Clinton will use a Gulfstream G450, which is a private jet that can seat up to 19 people. The G450 can travel up to 12 hours without refueling, making it ideal for Clinton’s shorter trips.

Clinton also uses a Sikorsky S-76B helicopter when she needs to travel to multiple events in a day or when she is traveling to an event that is not near an airport. The S-76B can seat up to 12 people and has a range of 400 miles.

Hillary Clinton’s Travel Schedule

In addition to her schedule as a former first lady, senator, and secretary of state, Hillary Clinton has a busy travel schedule. She is often seen travelING to promote her new book, “Hard Choices.”

Here is a look at Hillary Clinton’s travel schedule for the next few months:


9/9-9/10: New York, NY
9/11: Boston, MA
9/12: Philadelphia, PA
9/13: Washington, DC
9/14: Charlottesville, VA
9/15: Miami, FL

Hillary Clinton’s Travel Tips

Hillary Clinton knows a thing or two about traveling. As the former Secretary of State and current front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination, Clinton has clocked more than a million miles on the road. In her new book, Hard Choices, Clinton offers readers a glimpse into her hectic travel schedule, which often required her to be on the road for more than 200 days a year.

Clinton’s travel tips are mostly common sense: she always packs her own bag (to make sure everything she needs is in there), carries a change of clothes in her carry-on (just in case her luggage gets lost), and Light on the plane (to avoid feeling sluggish when she lands). But she also has a few unique tips, including using ginger ale to combat motion sickness and taking quick power naps whenever she can.

Whether you’re a frequent flier or just getting ready for your first trip, Hillary Clinton’s travel tips are worth following. After all, if they’re good enough for the world’s most powerful woman, they’re good enough for you.


The short answer to how Hillary Clinton travels is “pretty much like everyone else.”

She uses a variety of modes of transportation, including airplanes, trains, cars, and boats. However, she does have a few unique quirks when it comes to travel.

For example, she is known for carrying a large supply of hand sanitizer with her at all times. She also prefers to travel with her own pillow and blanket, and she always carries a copy of the book “The Alchemist” with her on the plane.

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