How Do Equestrian Horses Travel to Olympics?

Horses are now transported by aircraft. They are placed into specially designed aircraft after being lured into air-conditioned stables known as pallets. Grooms give them special water-enhanced hay to keep them hydrated while they’re flying. (They also bring a lot of gear, such as saddles, shoes, and pitchforks.)

Similarly, How do equestrian horses get to Olympics?

The horses, like the athletes, go to the Olympics by aircraft. They are put into stalls that are then levered up to the aircraft and loaded onto it. Two horses must share a stall, despite the fact that three would be ideal. Because they are Oympians, they are given particular benefits.

Also, it is asked, How do the Olympians transport their horses to the Olympics?

The horses are put into stalls (two horses per stall instead of three) and loaded aboard big, air-conditioned cargo aircraft.

Secondly, Do equestrians bring their own horses to the Olympics?

Sure, anything you want. However, unlike the other Olympic equestrian sports, riders in show jumping do not have the option of bringing their own horse. They are allocated a horse from the horse pool at random. What if the horse doesn’t want to jump?

Also, How do Olympic equestrians get horses to Japan?

Horses from all over the globe were flown to Europe for 60 days of health monitoring followed by seven days of stringent quarantine in preparation for the Tokyo Olympics. They were then shipped from Liege, Belgium, to Tokyo, via Dubai, aboard 19 Emirates cargo planes.

People also ask, How do equestrian horses travel overseas?

Horses are put straight into their traveling stalls on the tarmac for international travel with huge planes. These palletized stalls are then elevated to aircraft level by a platform lift, slid within the open doorway, and fastened into the pallet system that is locked down on the plane’s floor.

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How were horses transported to Tokyo?

The herd landed in Japan after a quick pit break in Dubai to refuel and change personnel. The horses were brought off the aircraft and into one of 11 air-conditioned vans after they arrived at Haneda Airport. The armada then headed northwest to Baji Koen, where the Tokyo 2020 Equestrian Park is located.


The “do equestrians bring their own horses to the olympics” is a question that has been asked in multiple different ways. The answer is yes and no. There are some countries where they do not have their own horses, but they do have their own riders.

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