How Do Dogs Travel Internationally?

Your dog may travel in the cabin or in the cargo area while flying internationally. Small dogs that can fit in a travel carrier beneath the seat are allowed in the cabin. Cargo is for larger dogs that travel in a pet carrier or kennel that has been certified by the airline. If the travel is longer than 8 hours, many airlines will not allow your dog to fly in the cabin.


Dogs can travel internationally, but the process is a bit different than what you might think. In order to fly with your pet, they must go through customs and be inspected. They will also need to have an official identification chip implanted in their body, which costs around $50.

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The “flying with a large dog internationally” is an interesting question. The most common way to travel with a dog, is to fly them on their own. However, it is not always possible for some people to do this. There are also other options like shipping and driving your dog internationally.

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