How Did Tony Stark Figure Out Time Travel?

The Avengers’ method for traveling into the past was to simply enter the quantum world. The only thing Tony created was “a quantum GPS,” or a gizmo that enables you to choose where and when you want to go to after you reach the quantum world.

Similarly, Why did Tony Stark decide to time travel?

The Avengers decided to launch a Time Heist with the help of Tony Stark and Bruce Banner, who realized that they couldn’t change their timeline’s past and would instead be creating alternate timelines, by using the Quantum Realm to obtain the Infinity Stones from alternate timelines and bring them to.

Also, it is asked, Who discovered time travel in Marvel?

Dr. Time is the grandfather of time travel. You have to give it to Victor Von Doom: in his debut appearance, he unleashed a wacky time-travel plot on the Fantastic Four, building a platform that sent them back in time to steal Blackbeard’s treasure trove.

Secondly, Why did Tony change his mind about time travel?

He doesn’t alter his mind until later that night, when he accidently pours water all over a framed portrait of himself standing with Peter Parker while washing the dishes. Tony’s motivation to discover out time travel is most likely his dusty mentee’s memory.

Also, How does Marvel explain time travel?

Summary. The Time Travel in the Marvel Cinematic World is based on the quantum physics notion that the universe is constantly dividing into parallel realities. As a result of changing/altering the past by travelling back in time, a new reality emerges.

People also ask, How did Stark know the Tesseract was in 1970?

Due to knowledge about his parents and Bucky disclosed to him during the Civil War, Tony knows he’ll be somewhere around 1970. And it’s clear by the tone and intonation of his voice that he means it. That’s why Captain America takes him seriously and trusts him to get the job done correctly.

Related Questions and Answers

How could Steve Rogers stay in the past?

Steve spent his whole life fighting in conflicts where he was constantly up against the odds. Despite this, he persisted, motivated more by conviction and tenacity than by raw force. Steve went to great lengths to safeguard the Earth, to the point where he was prepared to face Thanos’ army alone.

How did Thanos time travel without Pym particles?

Thanos didn’t need to replicate Pym Particles; all he had to do was duplicate the temporal GPS so Nebula could latch on to it (since presumably she needed hers to return to 2023). Or, because she knew where the ship was, she could simply physically move it ahead.

How did Tony Stark figure out Peter was Spider Man?

Tony Stark knew Peter Parker was Spider-Man because he has been “kept tabs” and “may know about everyone,” according to Christopher Markus, the writer of Captain America: Civil War.

How does Thanos know Tony Stark?

Director Joe Russo confirmed (via that Thanos identified Tony as the guy who defeated his plan to grab control over Earth via Loki (Tom Hiddleston) in 2012’s The Avengers in the commentary track on the Avengers: Infinity War digital release.

Is Mobius Endgame?

Indeed, Mobius had a brief cameo in Avengers: Endgame,’ which you may have missed. Tony Stark names drops the TVA agent immediately before he breaks the code while speculating on how the Avengers may go back in time to get the infinity stones.

Can Thor time travel?

Thor can travel between time and universes with the assistance of his hammer Mjolnir. Immortus took away the hammer’s properties, which allowed it to be utilized for time travel. Thor can still wield his hammer to alter time and travel between dimensions, even if he can’t go through it.

Why would killing baby Thanos not work?

But the point is this: You can’t simply kill Baby Thanos because his death won’t alter the Avengers’ already-shattered history; traveling back in time won’t change their reality since it has occurred.

How can Loki time travel?

The answer, according to Marvel, is yes. The Avengers utilized an Infinity Stone to go back in time in Avengers: Endgame by creating branching worlds — or branched timelines, as they’re referred to in the film.

Why is the Red Skull on Vormir?

The Red Skull says that his attempt to get possession of an Infinity Stone resulted in it rejecting him and directing him to Vormir. He seems to be bound to the Soul Stone as its representative, and he will never be able to hold it himself.

Where did Loki go after stealing the Tesseract?

Loki managed to flee to the Gobi desert, where he was arrested by the TVA as soon as he landed.

Why didn’t nebula warn the Avengers about the soul stone?

Because Nebula didn’t know Gamora’s death was tied to the recovery of the Infinity Stone, she didn’t alert Nat and Clint.

How is cap worthy of Mjolnir?

While Captain America somewhat moved Mjolnir in Age of Ultron, he was still not the “tip of the spear” for this kind of combat, fighting Thanos crossed that threshold and raised him to full worthiness.

How did Zombie Thanos get the Time Stone?

Thanos obtains the Time Stone straight from Doctor Strange and completes the Infinity Gauntlet without breaking a sweat by tearing the Mind Stone from Vision’s skull.

How did Thanos know where the Time Stone was?

Given his “destiny” to manage all of the stones, he’ll have made it his business to learn all there is to know about them and where they can be found. He was well aware that the Power Stone existed on Xandar, and that Ronan had taken it there before losing it to the Guardians of the Galaxy.

How did ant man get out of the quantum realm?

Official Trailer for Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight (Disney+) When Janet, Hank, and Hope van Dyne were obliterated by the snap, Ant-Man was stuck in the Quantum Realm. He stayed there for five years, until the Quantum Tunnel was reactivated by a friendly rat.

Is Spider-Man the kid in Iron Man 2?

Tom Holland Confirms That Iron Man 2’s Little Kid Is Peter Parker | Fandom. This is fantastic! Luke Cage takes place before the events of Daredevil Season 2 and takes place before the events of Civil War.

Is Spider-Man older than Iron Man?

To begin with, Peter is considerably older and wiser. Although Spider-Man begins the superhero fight on Iron Man’s side, he soon turns to Captain America’s side after being persuaded by Tony to disclose his secret identity to the world.

Why did Strange save Stark?

But none of it would be possible without the MCU’s oldest hero, as well as the character with the most appearances in films. The main reason Strange was correct in rescuing Stark is that he is required to wrap up the Avengers tale.

Why did Thanos say you’re not the only one cursed with knowledge?

What does Thanos mean when he tells Iron Man this? After a certain point, knowledge may become a burden. When you have too much (or all) information, you know the truth about a lot of things, which may be disheartening. As a result, knowledge may be a curse that both Thanos and Iron Man share.


Tony Stark has figured out how to travel through time. How did he do that? Well, it turns out that Tony’s father Howard had a device in his lab that could allow people to travel through time. The only problem is that the device was broken and no one knew what happened to it. It turned out that Peter Parker found the device and fixed it up for Tony.

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